Why your company needs an intranet

For most companies, a corporate intranet can be hugely beneficial. Whether you’re a huge multi-national or a small to medium business, there is proven benefit to having a secure internal business network which takes care of internal communications, information storage and retrieval, document management and so on and so forth.

A dedicated business productivity tool, benefits of an intranet range from information management through collaborative working up to and including community building. A well designed intranet, built to bespoke requirements with users needs in mind, can save a business thousands or more a year in lost time.

A corporate intranet can seem like a massive undertaking, though. There may be existing systems in place, which while inefficient, are just about doing the job. There may be resistance from those controlling the budgets, the feeling that an intranet is not required or will not be able to demonstrate sufficent cost benefit. Or it may be that the sheer amount of information which needs to be organised makes the whole thing seem totally daunting.

Designing and developing a corporate intranet can be time-consuming and tricky. Defining and prioritising which features are required, co-ordinating the requests of different departments, managing information architecture and so on can turn into a bit of an organisational nightmare – which is why a bespoke intranet design is often the way to go.

A company which offers bespoke internet design can help with every stage of the process, from providing examples of what’s possible to organising and structuring all the data, then creating and implementing an effective design, carrying out user acceptance testing and final rollout and training.

For more information on the potential of a corporate intranet feel free to give us a call.

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