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Is your content working for you?

If you have to ask your developers for a new template every time you want to change the layout slightly, something's wrong...

We won't make you do that. Ask for new templates all the time, that is. You won't struggle to find out how to do even the simplest task, and you won't be told "sorry, no the system doesn't do that". You don't need the hassle. You need a Content Management System (CMS) that gives you control, without compromising design or flexibility. Our system has all the features you need to successfully manage a corporate website, without wasting your time learning complex multi-step tasks, or tripping over features you don't need.

All the features you need, and none that you don't

The Freshleaf CMS is developed and maintained by the team that originally built it and - most importantly - is not limited by the availability of templates and plugins. You can have the exact functionality, layout and features you require, built to your specifications. And backed by the guarantee that the CMS is built to the highest standards, providing best in class performance and reliability.

A system that won't waste your time

Despite being a very powerful tool, the Freshleaf CMS is very easy to use, requiring no in-depth technical expertise. Via an intuitive interface it provides a wide range of functionality: page management, asset and image uploads, blogging, photo galleries, news and job boards all come as standard.

This enables you to get on with the rest of the things you've got to do, knowing that your website is up to date.

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