Ethics and charitable giving

Our ethics

Freshleaf is a company founded on ethics. We know we are lucky to be able to make our living doing something we love and this is one of the reasons why we make a point to give back where we can. This influences everything from the way we work with our customers, to the way we interact with the rest of the world around us. The team gets involved with local charity projects and also enables individuals around the world to succeed too, through donations and loans.

Ten percent of profit goes to support charity

Freshleaf is pleased to give something back to the communities in which we work by actively supporting a number of charities. As the company grows and becomes more profitable, so the charities we support benefit too.

Community days & volunteering

Community days are a big part of the Freshleaf lifestyle. All of us at Freshleaf are given paid time off to volunteer helping out good causes locally. More often than not we do this as a group, all downing tools for the day and going off to help local community projects. If you have a project that needs an extra pair of hands, why not let us know and we may be able to help.

Loans that change lives

All of us at Freshleaf have access to a Kiva account so that we can choose to lend money from Freshleaf to entrepreneurs in the 3rd world. Kiva connects people through lending to alleviate poverty. This year we have made 20 loans to people around the world including a Mongolian taxi driver, a Ugandan shop owner and a Nicaraguan farmer!

Pro Bono websites

In addition to our financial support, we look for opportunities to support good causes with our time and resources. And what better way to do this than for us to provide free websites and website services. Let us know if you can think of someone who might need some help with their website.

Pricing philosophy

At Freshleaf we believe in clear, transparent pricing - so that you know exactly what you're paying, for the services you need, with no hidden extras.

Our pricing includes a wide range of elements that go to make up a successful web project: consultancy, expertise, project management, creativity, technical development, usability and accessibility assessments, and quality testing - to name just some. You're not just buying a website, you're buying our knowledge, experience and expertise.

Our side of the deal is to get to know your business so that we can offer the right recommendations, every time. We invest time in understanding the business itself, it's markets, it's goals and it's messaging. That way, when we make a suggestion or even advise against something, you'll know that it's done on the basis of knowledge and expertise, and nothing else.

Customer care

Looking after our clients and giving the level of service we'd like to recieve is core to what we do. We've laid out our customer care in our charter.

Environmental policy

Freshleaf cares about the world we live in and wants to minimise its impact on the environment. Our environmental policy encourages all staff to take positive steps to help keep the world a clean and healthy place to live. This policy includes (but is not limited to) efficient use of energy, efficient use of resources, and recycling.

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