Community days and volunteering

Community days are a big part of the Freshleaf lifestyle. For a handful of days in the year, the Freshleaf team are released from our usual website-based endeavours and set loose to help out with some local projects.

If you have a project that needs an extra pair of hands, why not let us know and we may be able to help.

Here's a few of the local organisations we've helped over the years:

  • Margaret Green Animal Rescue
    Tidying up the memorial garden for visitors to enjoy.
  • Montacute School
    Removing holly and other spiky plants to help provide a safe outdoor play space for children with special educational needs.
  • Longmead Farm 
    Ground clearance to provide a better outdoor space for families to enjoy on a community farm.
  • Future Roots
    Weather-proofing an informal classroom to ensure that it remains a safe environment for troubled children to learn.
  • High Mead Farm
    Doing some "real work" around the community farm.

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