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Outgrown that spreadsheet?

Spreadsheets have their place. They're easy to get started with, widely available, and offer a great range of ways to manage data.

If you're using spreadsheets to manage your business data and processes, you're not alone. Thousands of businesses manage processes such as pricing, manufacturing, supply chain, inventory, property and facilities on spreadsheets. Spreadsheets software is readily available, easy to get started with, and doesn't require budget approval from a purchasing department. Spreadsheets can be set up to suit your exact process and data set, and they do some of the heavy lifting for you.

Eventually, though, our businesses outgrow spreadsheets; and we deserve better tools. Business critical processes such as those listed above require tools that are tailored to your workflow, that protect you from (potentially costly) errors, and that allow multiple people to work into them at the same time without causing conflicts.

Business critical processes require tools that are tailored to your workflow and that protect you against (potentially costly) errors

Security, version control, concurrent access & auditable processes

Imagine, instead of your spreadsheet, a custom-built portal, securely accessible from anywhere via a browser. Imagine viewing and working with your data via a user-friendly interface that shows you only what you need to see at any given time, via custom views. Imagine built-in security, data protection, version control, concurrent access, and auditable processes and procedures. No more spreadsheets where only one person knows how the formulas work. No more "version6_final_FINAL" file names.

It's time for bespoke data management

The Freshleaf difference is that we work with you to understand your business needs and processes, in order to develop a solution that is designed and built to your exact requirements - whether that's for a standalone system, or including complex integrations with existing systems. We enable you to effortlessly and securely manage collaboration, storage & sharing of data. Any data you can think of - approvals, reviews, product information, pricing, inventory, supply and sales information and much more - can all be tracked and logged in a fully audited, secure environment.

The Freshleaf team works to the latest best practice standards and builds using the highest standard of code. This means you get the best quality product now, and can easily enhance your application to meet your future needs.

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