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Any business that needs to collaborate across multiple people, departments and locations, or securely transfer files, messages, documents and data, can benefit from a secure custom web application.

Most of us use web applications every day, but often we don't realise that's what we're doing. Going on holiday? You’ll probably use a price comparison site to review flights and hotels – that’s a web application. Then you’ll use another one to buy your travel insurance, and another to book your airport parking.

But web applications can benefit your business too, making life easier and saving time and money. From Google Drive, to CRM platforms like SugarCRM & Zoho, to project management with Basecamp, to file sharing apps like Dropbox, we use these tools all the time without really thinking.

Business Tools

In modern business we’re blessed with an abundance of data. We have information about every facet of our businesses at our fingertips, from pricing to portfolios to personnel. The challenge is that all of it needs to be managed. And for most of us, that means either an off-the-shelf hosted platform, or good old spreadsheets. But often, that's not the best way.

Off the shelf platforms can't be customised, so you can't adjust the way it works, add new features, or integrate it with existing systems. And spreadsheets create version control issues, the risk of important formulas being accessible to users who can corrupt or overwrite them - and that's before you get to the security implications.

Security, version control, concurrent access & auditable processes

Custom web applications offer security, data protection, version control, concurrent access, auditable processes and procedures.No more lost laptop or memory device worries, no more overwriting or duplicating work, no more waiting for someone to exit a document before you can complete your tasks.

High quality systems built to your exact requirements

The Freshleaf difference is that we work with you to understand your business needs and processes, in order to develop a solution that is designed and built to your exacting requirements - whether that's for a standalone system, or including complex integrations with existing systems. We enable you to effortlessly and securely manage collaboration, storage & sharing of data. Approvals, reviews, product information, pricing and end of life information can all be tracked and logged in a fully audited, secure environment.

The Freshleaf team works to the latest best practice standards and builds using the highest standard of code. This means you get the best quality product now, and can easily enhance your application to meet your future needs.

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