Giving a little bit back

A Freshleaf charity support round-up, showing how the 10% of our profits that go to charity get spent.

It's easy to get life out of perspective. We think we're having a tough time if we get stuck in traffic or it rains or there's no milk for our morning coffee. But at Freshleaf we realise we're are lucky to be able to make our living doing something we love - and so we try to help others by supporing local community projects and charities.

Every year, we put aside 10% of Freshleaf’s net profits to help those less fortunate than us, and below are some examples of how we've been able to help:

  • Sponsoring local sports
    We sponsored a local girl’s football team to provide kit and equipment to enable underpriveleged youngsters to play in local leagues.
  • Helping underpriveleged kids
    Freshleaf provided a bursary fund for underprivileged children to attend dance classes at the Steppin’ Out Academy of Performance.
  • Donation to local lad for a life-changing operation
    Earlier this year we supported the family of local lad Jakob Sales in their quest to raise £65k for an operation which should enable three year old Jakob, currently confined to a wheelchair, to walk.
  • Supporting various causes
    Over the course of the last twelve months we have donated to good causes including SightSavers, Hand of Hope, Life in the Word and UCB and the local church.
  • Making life a little easier for two cancer sufferers
    We purchased custom-made post-operative underwear for two close family members of one of our employees who were both diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Volunteering at a community farm
    Volunteered for a day at Longmead community farm which exists to provide guidance and a supportive rural environment for families in crisis.
  • Random acts of kindness
    Enacted ‘random acts of kindness’ such as paying for a stranger’s petrol or groceries, or helping to provide for the homeless locally.

We are always looking for creative ideas of ways to help local charities and we like to get involved with community projects, so if you know of any good causes that need a helping hand please do get in touch.

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