Six reasons to use a web design agency to support your in-house skills

1. Access a wider range of skills
It goes without saying that unless you have a ten or fifteen man multi-disciplinary team, you’re not going to cover every concievable skillset. Even most dedicated agencies don’t offer everything under the sun; but choose well and an agency could perfectly complement your existing in-house skills. Not only that, but because agencies have to work in a very competitive environment, the skills they offer have to be kept up to date with ever evolving trends and technologies.

2. A fresh pair of eyes
Whilst your in-house team knows your business inside and out, an external team with a fresh perspective could provide an injection of new ideas and creativity to get your online presence moving forwards.

3. Make managing workflow easier
If you’ve ever found that updates to your website are getting stuck in a log-jam within your IT department, then an external agency could be the way forward. Let your team handle what they can, and outsource any overflow.

4. Lose the jobs you don’t want to do
In any line of work, there will be aspects of a job which are less appealing, and which may be slightly neglected as a result. You may have a team of coders who hate designing, or a team or designers who hate coding. Some people hate creating documentation, others hate project management. It could be beneficial to ship out the jobs which get neglected to an outside source.

5. Get extra focus on your web presence
As mentioned in a previous post, whilst your in-house team should be the representatives and advocates of the web side of your business, because they are just one in a number of internal voices its sometimes easy to overlook them. Getting a second opinion from an outside team can be just the push you need to loosen the budget purse-strings, or to keep you in touch with the latest developments.

6. You might learn something new
As a rule, web professionals are friendly types, and they like sharing ideas and tips with each other. Work with an external agency on one project, and your team could come away with a few extra tricks up their sleeves.

And if you like this list, you might want to see a list of reasons why that agency should be Freshleaf ;o) Why Choose Freshleaf

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