Meta Matters: Why Search Wiki makes meta description more important than ever

Search Wiki: one of Google’s latest releases which allows users full control over their search results when they are logged into their Google account. So when you’re logged in, you can do a search, then put your favourite result to the top of the pile, push others down the list, and even delete ones you feel are irrelevant to you. The next time you perform that search, as long as you’re logged in, that’s the way you’ll see the results.

So what’s the relevance of meta description? Well, the meta description of your site appears as part of search results, as a summary of your page. It does that whether you’re using Search Wiki or not…. but of course now people will be using it to make decisions on where to place your site in their list of results, and once they’ve made that decision it could stay that way for every search. So with the introduction of Search Wiki, now is a good time to overhaul your meta-data, and make sure it’s giving just the right message about your site.

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