The challenges of technology marketing

Technology marketers. I hate to say it, but you're playing to a tough crowd.

Unlike B2C marketers, you don't have a sexy product. Or rather, the engineers think its sexy. They get it. But the decision-makers, the buyers, the investors, they probably don't get it. And yet you've got to convince them, too. But first you've probably got to educate them. What is your product or service? What does it enable? And why is it *actually* different from or better than the alternatives?

Technology marketing: it's a tough crowd

Designing a technology website can also be challenging. With any website you've got scarcely a second or two to convince visitors that it's okay - you're in the right place, we have what you need. But in tech marketing, your web traffic is made up of a diverse range from engineers to buyers and senior management. Maybe potential investors and journalists. The journalists will probably be trade journalists, but they still won't understand your tech.

What is your product or service? What does it enable? And why is it *actually* different from the alternatives?

You've got to demonstrate credibility & technical chops. You need a convincing value proposition for those decision makers. You need education pieces to help people get up to speed with what it is you actually do. Plus of course you need to get those datasheets and tech specs in front of the engineers.

We know a handful of technology marketing experts who can help you to hone your message. But there aren't many web design agencies who specialise in communicating that message online. Except us, of course.

At Freshleaf, we specialise in building effective websites for B2B technology companies.

We understand the marketing challenges you're dealing with. We know how tough it is to put across technical concepts in a way that works online. And in a way that makes sense to everyone from engineers to senior decision makers.

If you're out there in the tech sectors and could use some help with your website, give us a shout. Or check out our portfolio for some great examples of technology website design projects.

Tech industry portfolio

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