Are you managing business data using spreadsheets?

In modern business we’re blessed with an abundance of data. We have information about every facet of our businesses at our fingertips, from pricing to portfolios to personnel. The challenge is that all of it needs to be managed. It needs to be gathered, curated, stored, edited, monitored, accessed and audited. And while we all have accounting software for our financial data, and CRMs for our customer data, for everything else Microsoft Excel often becomes the ‘go to’ tool. Familiarity with spreadsheets means many of us have Excel open without even thinking about it.

But have you ever stopped to think about the risks and limitations of using spreadsheets to manage complex business data? Spreadsheets are great because they can calculate complex formulas, however, those formulas can be corrupted or overwritten, admitting errors to the process which are compounded with every update.

Collaborative working processes mean that spreadsheets can be saved and sent to others and since version control is then required, how will you know which version of that spreadsheet is the ‘master’? Similarly, with security increasingly an issue, how do we prevent the data being intercepted, or saved to a memory device or a laptop which is then left on a train? The accuracy and security implications could be damaging and considerable, both financially and to a business’s reputation.

There is a better way

At Freshleaf, we build bespoke web applications which help you to manage your data. Applications which provide the functionality your business needs whilst keeping your information secure; and ensure that there’s no risk of single byte of data being overwritten in error, regardless of whether you have ten or ten thousand users. This keeps all of your important calculations where they should be, locked away behind the scenes and safe from accidental corruption. And on top of all that, you get a richer, easier user experience, making the days of sweating over a spreadsheet a thing of the past.

From price books and inventory control processes to internal and external portals, we create web applications to your exacting standards.

To talk to us about how we can help you and your business, simply drop us an email.

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