Celebrating 10 years of Freshleaf

This year we're celebrating ten years of doing fantastic work for some amazing customers. Yep, 2018 is Freshleaf's 10th birthday.

Some of you might not know that the organisation that was to become Freshleaf began life as the web division of a technical PR agency, so we've actually got experience stretching back nearly 20 years. I joined the company in 2008, shortly after it became Freshleaf - and I'm still here ten years later because, well, it genuinely is an awesome business.

10 years

Which is what we really want to celebrate this year. We don't want to mark the occasion with mediocre attempts to generate PR, and we're not going to bug all of our customers and prospects with stuff they couldn't care less about.  What we are going to do is look at all the things that are great about this business, and figure out ways we can do that - only so much better - for another ten years.

What we love about this business

  • Founded on a genuine ethos of doing high quality work, and enjoying what we do.
  • Ten percent of net profits go to charity, so we do something to help others every day we come to work.
  • All of our ventures, from hiring to business development - and everything in between - are driven by the same commitment to building something amazing.
  • The company invests in its people and trusts them to know what's right and do a good job.
  • We're a small team supporting some really exceptional businesses.

To celebrate this year we'll be planning and kicking off some internal projects; and working out more ways we can use what we do to give back to the community. Watch this space.

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