Surviving in Scrubs

The NHS is one of those things that we never appreciate enough.  Free healthcare at the point of delivery is something we utterly take for granted in the UK, but it's one of THE greatest things about this country, in my opinion. And it exists thanks in large part to two things: commitment of Government to centrally funded healthcare, and the efforts of all the doctors, nurses, surgeons and other healthcare professionals who trained hard and took tough jobs, because they want to help people.

So when we at Freshleaf had an opportunity to help support healthcare professionals in some small way, it certainly fit with my personal values.

Surviving In Scrubs is a campaign started by two doctors, Dr Becky Cox and Dr Chelcie Jewitt, aimed at raising awareness about sexism and sexual assault in healthcare. The need for the campaign, unfortunately, speaks for itself in the statistics:

  • 91% of women doctors had experienced sexism in the last two years
  • 56% of women doctors received unwanted verbal comments relating to their gender in the last two years
  • 31% of women doctors had experienced unwanted physical conduct in the last two year
  • 60% of nursing staff said they had experienced sexual harassment at work

The campaign previously had a small website that they were running on The newly refreshed and hopefully more compelling and manageable website launched today. In addition to building the site, we'll help the SIS team in any way we can with running their new website, to allow everyone else to focus on the campaign goals.

Dr Cox commented:

We are deeply thankful for all the hard work the Freshleaf team put into our new website. Katie and Damien have been brilliant, responsive and listened to our requests. The new website has enabled us to reach a wider audience with our campaign and will amplify our campaign going forwards. We have received so many overwhelmingly positive comments about the new site. 

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