LDD Technology

LDD Technology is an electronics engineering company specialising in the design of Advanced Digital Electronics Systems. Their expert team provides end-to-end electronic design services to help their customers convert ideas or specs into fully working and tested designs. Malcolm Locke established the company in 1994 and it has gone from strength to strength since then.

Because of our extensive portfolio of technology websites, Malcolm and Kate Locke approached Freshleaf about a project which encompassed a rebrand, and redesign of the LDD website.

LDD Technology new website


LDD had branding and a website which had been in place for some years and they felt it was time for a refresh. They were looking for an update to the brand, and a new website that was able to effectively communicate both their depth of expertise and breadth of service within complex electronics design and engineering. Like Freshleaf, LDDs is a small business whose strength is in the expertise they can offer, their flexibility, and the relationships they have with their clients. The challenge was to get that across via the website.


LDD had decided to update their name from (as they were at the time) Locke’s Digital Developments to LDD Technology, and needed a new logo to support this change. In addition, the website was to be fully redesigned in line with the new branding. The new site needed to be able to rank well for search terms. It also needed to communicate effectively to visitors that LDD have the skills and expertise required to solve complex electronics design challenges. Additionally, LDD needed an easy-to-use CMS, and they were also looking for help with authoring content for the web. Lastly, they needed high-quality hosting for the site.


Using our experience in building successful websites for technology companies, we were able to quickly understand and get up to speed with LDD’s challenge.  The first step was to create a number of design options for the new logo. Once the chosen design had been iterated to everyone’s satisfaction, that provided the direction for the new look and feel of the website. Alongside this, careful planning went into the site architecture and content, with Freshleaf providing guidance throughout the project on best practice in terms of writing for the web, and search engine optimisation. Following design sign-off, the website quickly came together, with the CMS now enabling LDD to add and amend their content.


The new website was launched in April 2016, with the new website design and new branding providing a comprehensive new look for LDD. The updated branding brings the company up to date, and the improved website enables LDD Technology to communicate more effectively with prospective customers.