New website for an exciting start-up in the IoT security space

Foundries was an exciting project for us. The Foundries team of engineers and experts have created an effective end-to-end solution to the problem of developing, deploying and maintaining secure IoT products. In a market-place where there are many fragmented approaches to the technical challenges of IoT, they've created an embedded Linux solution that allows people to outsource the whole software security issue on a no-commitment monthly subscription; while allowing developers complete freedom of hardware and software both above and below the Foundries layer.

Moving into a new phase, Foundries were in need of a new website which could better engage their key audiences and communicate the unique nature of the solution. Against stiff competition, we were awarded the task of redesigning and redeveloping the site.


The previous website was no longer fit for purpose, and a new design was required which struck the right balance between the "hard-core techie" messaging for engineers (who typically have little patience for marketing-led material), and something a little more easy to digest for execs and decision-makers.  The site needed to establish Foundries credibility, quality and reliability, as well as taking visitors through the concept to the point where they were confident to start an evaluation.  In addition, a number of integrations were required with other Foundries platforms, and the spec called for exceptional optimisation for speed and performance.


Unusually, wanted a static website - with no CMS - something which we haven't done for a number of years. Things have changed a lot since the old days of building static sites, and we were pleased to try a different workflow and new tooling; which allowed us to intelligently reduce the HTTP request count, and easily support older browsers without affecting modern browsers.  The absence of a CMS allowed us to be more flexible in terms of design and more efficient in terms of optimisation. Working closely with the Foundries team, a new design direction was agreed, and new content flowed in, guided by the audience research and user journey planning already undertaken.


  • A website which has been extremely well received by Foundries team and its audiences.
  • An innovative new design with engaging layouts, showcasing a range of rich content.
  • User journey improved to ensure compelling presentation of value proposition and avoid drop-off at key points.
  • Effective optimisation resulted in Page Speed Insights scores of 91 & 95 for mobile and desktop respectively.
What they say

“We selected Freshleaf Media for our web site re-design because of the quality of their previous work, and their understanding of our technology and web site requirements. Right from the start of the project Freshleaf became part of our distributed team, bringing their experience and knowledge and quickly understanding our vision and needs. Katie Theisinger worked closely with us, and was skilled at combining our vision with Freshleaf ideas, and in guiding on best practices for back end design, as well as front end visuals and user experience. Despite the challenges of the pandemic the timetable was met, with strong project management and on time deliverables. Our new site launched in Sept 2020 and has had strong positive feedback from prospects, customers and investors. Thank you to Katie and the rest of the Freshleaf team.”

George Grey, CEO