AE customer & disti portal

Toward the end of 2019, Artesyn, a large multi-national power supply company - and one of our clients - was acquired by US-based Advanced Energy. In the time that followed the acquisition, AE reviewed the assets it had acquired, one of which was a customer and disti portal then known as MyPower, which Freshleaf had built for Artesyn.

Growing by acquisition presents unique challenges, one of which is standardising processes and workflows across the various acquired units. Assessing the processes in place for managing product pricing and communicating product information to customers and to the disti ecosystem, AE found MyPower to be best in class for its requirements, and invited Freshleaf to modernise, expand and rebrand the platform in a few short months.

Phase 1 - MVP

MyPower - as was - was made up of a suite of tools which managed product pricing, assets and technical specs, and enabled product managers to efficiently feed all the relevant product data to the distribution ecosystem in order to support the sales channel. The first phase of the project had a short deadline, and the requirements were: extensive rebranding of the large suite of tools, migration of new users,  a completely new system to manage product technical specifications, and the import of product data from across the business. All of this was delivered on target in just a few months.

Phase 2 - Infrastructure Migration & E-commerce Support

Following the MVP phase, the entire system was succesfully migrated to new infrastructure to bring it in line with the rest of AE's digital estate. In addition, with e-commerce functionality being added to AE's customer-facing website, the new MyAE was expanded to support the logged-in experience for e-commerce customers. Custom integration with the customer website and with the e-commerce ordering platform were key to this phase.

Phase 3 - Modernisation

Following the first two phases, a program of review and modernisation saw every aspect of the existing code reviewed and updated as required to ensure the full use of modern development platforms and best practices. This included expanding the automated test suite to over 5000 individual tests.

Approximately 9 months after the MVP launch, the system had been migrated to new infrastructure, added e-commerce support and the codebase had been fully modernised.