Our Values

At Freshleaf, we care about people and the planet. We know we're lucky to be able to make our living doing something we love and this is one of the reasons we make a point to give back where we can.

The team gets involved with local charity projects and also enables individuals around the world to succeed too, through donations and loans.

As a company, Freshleaf donates 10% of its profits to good causes each year and has implemented many ethical policies such as recycling and initiatives to minimise its environmental impact.

You can find out more about our values, ethics and some of our contributions to good causes here.


Through a consultative approach, we will become trusted partners to our clients – defining and delivering services which fully meet their needs and expectations. We will maintain and develop our knowledge of B2B high tech sector through relationships with new and existing clients.

We will focus on attracting and retaining clients who want the highest quality services available.

We will attract and retain the best people through continuous development programs and by building a positive and motivating culture and environment.


  • An honest approach to everything we do.
  • Transparency and fairness govern all of our business dealings.
  • We ensure clear, concise and accurate communication.
  • We provide fair and equitable rewards for our employees.
  • We have complete respect for the confidentiality of our clients, partners and employees.
  • We work with others who share our values.
  • We always set aside a proportion of our profit for support of charitable causes.


From start to finish, the service we received from Freshleaf was excellent and the whole process was made easy and enjoyable.

James Clark
Epoq IT

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