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With expertise in all areas of website development, design and visual communications, digital marketing and web application development, perhaps the question should be not 'what do we do?', but 'what do you need?'

Freshleaf Media's full range of corporate website services offer marketing decision makers within technology businesses a proven, high quality solution to their constantly evolving website needs.

Corporate website design

We specialise in building very high standard websites and web applications for succesful businesses. Our hand-picked team of developers and designers are chosen for their exceptional skills and our rigourous Quality Assurance ensures that your website will perform exceptionally.

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Branding, Identity & Graphic Design

Business communications means far more than just having a website - there are a whole host of associated elements which help get your message across. From new brand identity development to supporting graphics for existing websites, and from brochures to trade stand artwork (and everything in between), we can provide fresh, strong, professional design inspiration.

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Intranets, extranets and other corporate business tools

Have you been tasked with finding a partner to develop an intranet/extranet or other business tool? Well, you've come to the right place. At Freshleaf we have a team of expert developers with a wealth of experience in creating custom business tools. From intranets and extranets to server-side applications and interactive tools - whatever your functional requirements we can build a secure, robust, usable application to fit.

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Content Management Systems (CMS)

To help keep your website content up to date and your operating costs down, we have created a CMS which is powerful, flexible and easy to use. Developed in-house and drawing on years of experience of using and creating content management systems, we believe our CMS is among the best. And it comes supported by a team who know the system inside and out, so there's always help at hand - and if you need additional functionality, we can build that in too.


It's no use being the best in your field unless people hear about it, and there's no point in having a website unless people can find it. These things require marketing expertise, and Freshleaf can help you with everything from search engine optimisation of your website through creation of e-newsletters and bulletins, all the way to layouts for brochures and artwork for trade stands.

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